April 7, 2019

As we enter into this Passiontide, the final two weeks of Lent - God once again reminds us how He is always ready to forgive and to lift us up.

God always provides a way for us, through the raging torrents that surround us.   A way through the wasteland that so often is our life.  He always stands ready to do great things for us. 

All of those things our Scriptures speak of this weekend.  If only we would leave the past behind us, forgetting about it, and straining forward in hope to what lies ahead - the goal, our true prize in the very person of Jesus Christ.   

And that’s where the tough part is for us, as it was for the woman in the Gospel.  To leave our sinful past behind - to walk away from the death it brings to us, and to rise up in hope, to press forward, clinging to Jesus - who calls us to a new life - to sin no more.  And that requires us to change. 

To allow Jesus to forgive us in the Sacrament of Reconciliation - as our 2nd graders did for the first time today/yesterday.  To allow Jesus to lift us up in His mercy - just as he did for that woman.

We never hear what she decided - to leave her sinful past behind, to sin no more and to follow the path of His merciful forgiveness - or did she go back to her former ways? 

How about us?  Will we allow Jesus to pick us up, to give us the grace we need to press forward in Hope - no matter how many times we fall to the ground, Jesus always stands ready to lift us up again in the mercy of His Sacraments - All that’s left is for us to decide - will we embrace it, will we accept it, will we live it? God help us all. +



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