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September 23, 2018

Posted by Michelle Fox on 9/24/18

Tomorrow/Today we are blessed to celebrate Catechetical Sunday – where we ask God’s blessing on our catechists, those that impart the faith to the rest of us.  But it is also meant to be a day for all of us to renew ourselves in our need to be catechized. ... Read More »

September 16, 2018

Posted by Michelle Fox on 9/17/18

In the course of our lives I think we all have probably had the experience of thinking that we really know someone, and finding out later on that they weren’t the person we thought they were.  Usually that realization leaves us disgusted or disappointed, angry or just plain sad.  ... Read More »

September 9, 2018

Posted by Michelle Fox on 9/11/18

Last year I had the privilege of going to Colombia.  Going around the city of Cartagena, it’s one of those places that’s very Catholic – and so much of the city centers around their patron Saint, Peter Claver – whose Feast we would normally celebrate tomorrow/today.  Peter was a ... Read More »

September 2, 2018

Posted by Michelle Fox on 9/04/18

 I’ve talked before about how I spent a lot of my summers growing up  going to Good News Day camp – it was an interdenominational bible camp for kids.  And one of the things we had to do everyday was to memorize a bible verse.  One of them is ... Read More »