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January 13, 2019 The Baptism of the Lord

Posted by Michelle Fox on 1/14/19

  Whenever someone asks me about my vocation, I always tell the story of an interview with a priest I read a long time ago - he was asked, when did you decide to be a priest?  His answer has always stayed with me - he said - I ... Read More »

January 6, 2019

Posted by Michelle Fox on 1/07/19

I just love taking the time to look up at the stars at night? I don’t do it nearly enough, but it’s tough to do most of the time - so much other light around us that tends to obscure the night sky.  But sometimes it’s really clear and ... Read More »

December 30, 2018

Posted by Michelle Fox on 1/07/19

Today is my favorite part of this Christmas Season - the Holy Family.  And the more I reflect on it, there more I am confronted with the fact that the ways in which we are called to the greatest holiness, also tend to be the ways in which we ... Read More »

December 23, 2018

Posted by Michelle Fox on 1/07/19

In less than 48 hours from now (In about 30 hours from now) we celebrate the first Mass of Christmas.  We’re so close – but there’s still time. 

There’s a great sacredness to these final moments of Advent – and we need to use the time we have been ... Read More »