December 23, 2018

In less than 48 hours from now (In about 30 hours from now) we celebrate the first Mass of Christmas.  We’re so close – but there’s still time. 

There’s a great sacredness to these final moments of Advent – and we need to use the time we have been given.  To truly spend some time getting ready to receive Jesus again in just a few hours.   With all the crazy going on in our lives, let’s not allow it to prevent us from what Pope Francis tells us is so very important:  that if silence is not one of the sounds associated with our Christmas preparations, then we will miss an encounter with the love and tenderness that is at the heart of our celebration. 

So like we did last year, we’ll be leaving the Church open from now, all night, (tonight and tomorrow night) through Christmas day.   So as you’re running around getting everything ready or if the in-laws are already driving you crazy and you need some time to yourself, stop into Church. 

Sit in a pew and spend some time in quiet prayer – we all need that – to center ourselves on what this is really all about, and to fight desperately to not be consumed by all the crazy.  It’s not too late – let’s use the time we have been given to truly make room for Jesus in our lives.  To make room for the peace that only He can give.  Peace that we all so frantically need.  God help us all. +


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