January 13, 2019 The Baptism of the Lord

  Whenever someone asks me about my vocation, I always tell the story of an interview with a priest I read a long time ago - he was asked, when did you decide to be a priest?  His answer has always stayed with me - he said - I decide to be a priest every day when I wake up.   How true is that.

          For all of us - we all make that kind of decision every day. We decide to live our priesthood, we decide to live our marriage, to live our single life - we decide to live the life we are called to, or not.  We can choose to walk away - we always have that freedom. 

          The same is true for the most moment in our life - our Baptism - the moment we became children of God, the moment the Holy Spirit came upon us and transformed us and Jesus gave us the possibility of eternal life.  That was a one-time event, but we have to choose to live it - we have to choose to be Catholic, or not - and that’s a binary decision - we either are or we are not.  We are a priest or we are not, we are married or we are not - we aren’t kinda married (good luck with that one) nor are we kinda Catholic. 

          In a few moments we will renew our Baptismal promises - to reject Satan, to refuse to be mastered by sin, to live our life, all of our life for God.  And all of that is a choice we have to make everyday in so many different ways -  What will we choose today?  God help us all.  + 


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