January 6, 2019

Jan 7, 2019

I just love taking the time to look up at the stars at night? I don’t do it nearly enough, but it’s tough to do most of the time - so much other light around us that tends to obscure the night sky.  But sometimes it’s really clear and we can see a lot up there.    

The wise men would have known that kind of evening purity very well - they knew what it was like to follow and track the stars.  But then came the One star that was different - they followed it to Bethlehem, and found the fulfillment of their life’s hope.

You and I, we tend to follow a lot of stars in our lives.  We tend to bounce around from one thing to the next, looking for fulfillment, looking for wholeness- and when one thing doesn’t complete us, we move on to the next - on a desperate quest that ultimately leads us nowhere.   

We are so not the wise men.  We don’t follow the right star.  When we look at our lives and they are lacking, when we want more, when we feel incomplete and lost, and maybe even hopeless or scared - we need to step back and look at what star we are following - what stars are we trying to find meaning in. 

There’s only one that will lead us to what will complete us - but we tend to avoid it like the plague - cause that journey isn’t easy.  But it’s time we start following the true light, Jesus Christ - and not all the other stuff we foolishly try to find happiness in.  God help us all.  +


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