September 23, 2018

Tomorrow/Today we are blessed to celebrate Catechetical Sunday – where we ask God’s blessing on our catechists, those that impart the faith to the rest of us.  But it is also meant to be a day for all of us to renew ourselves in our need to be catechized.  

 One of the great tragedies in the modern life of faith is a foolish notion that after Confirmation we don’t need to be catechized.  That at 16 or 8th grade or whenever we were Confirmed, we now know all there is to know about God and what God wants of us.  What a bunch of bunk.  The fact is that all of us, most of all me, need to grow in our understanding and love of the faith throughout our lives – that need never ends. 

We are all called to a deeper understanding of God, of what God calls us to; a deeper relationship with and love of Jesus Christ.  It doesn’t matter if we’re a little kindergartener or we’re 107 years old, all of us are called to grow in faith – to know God more, to love God more.  None of us are ever exempt from that – although we are far to good at exempting ourselves because we like to think we have more important things to do in our life. 

We all need to grow in our love of Jesus in and through His Holy Catholic Church.  That takes catechesis – it takes time and study and prayer and a willingness to be more deeply rooted in the Truth, more than we are willing to be superficially satisfied with a skin deep spirituality.  Cause when life gets tough, we need something deep.  Something more than just pious platitudes – we need a deep and abiding love with the heart of the Savior – that only comes from getting to know Him. 

 We try to offer lots of chances to do that here, if you are willing to grow - Come to Mass class this Tuesday, come to RCIA next week, come to book club, come to any and every opportunity we offer to grow in love with Jesus around here – and yes, we still need to offer more of those opportunities.  Jesus has so much He wants to teach us – all that remains to be seen is whether or not we are willing to put forth the time and the effort to listen and to grow.  God help us all. +



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