August 11, 2019

One of the best descriptions of faith I ever heard compared it to a glass of water.  We are the glass.  Faith is the water.  When we are young, our glass is very small, and so it doesn’t take much water to fill it.  But as we grow older, our glass gets bigger.  The problem comes when our glass gets bigger, but our faith doesn’t - and we expect the same amount of faith we had as a child to sustain us when we are an adult.  And sadly it doesn’t, in fact it doesn’t even come close. 

But we can struggle to grow in faith, can’t we?  Sometimes it may seem like there really isn’t much faith in us at all.  Because faith has to be nurtured.  We have to tend to it, and care for it.  And yes, we have to fertilize it.  And I think we know there is no shortage of fertilizer in our lives.

          This week is a holy week for us to grow in faith.  Monday we have our Catholic Question and Answer Night here - to come and ask honest questions about the faith.  We need that, we all do, to help us grow.  Thursday we celebrate a holy day of obligation - the Assumption of Mary.  And Friday we begin our Solemn Novena to St. Bartholomew in preparation for our Feast Day. 

          So many opportunities for all of us to grow this week alone.  To allow God to fill our glass with life giving water.  We need that, just to get us through the day most days.  So perhaps a good prayer for us this week would be very simple - Lord, increase my faith! God help us all. +


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