August 4, 2019

  Vanity is a powerful thing.  It pervades our lives.  It pervades our world.         All the focus on self.  Instead of the focus on Jesus.  If we spent 10% of the energy on Jesus that we spend on ourselves, then so much in our lives, our families, our Parish would be radically different.  Can we even imagine!

          Saint Padre Pio said that the root of all evil lies in three things: I, Me, and Mine.  The root of all evil is I, Me, and Mine.  Cause they have nothing to do with Jesus.  And we gotta stop that.  We have to stop allowing evil to govern us. 

          So much in our lives needs to be put to death - we all know the parts of us that are not yet fully conformed to Jesus.  Immorality. Impurity.  Passion.  Evil desires.  Greed. The Lying.  All those things that are all about us, and our opinions, and our radical allegiance to I, Me, and Mine - Especially perhaps all the ways in which we seem to savor judging each other.   I am so terribly tired of the judging, the ugliness, the pure and unadulterated evil that it is.   All of that has nothing to do with Jesus or seeking what is above.  All those things need to be put to death.  Today. 

          What would happen if Jesus became our answer to everything.  If every word, every action, every thought was Jesus - and our lives were raised to what is above, instead of being enslaved to the vile and wretched things we love to treasure and store up for ourselves on this earth.  We can choose to be better, to be holy. We can!

          If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.  May Jesus break our vain and hardened hearts - May he help us to set aside all that focuses us on I, Me, and Mine - and give us the Grace we need to focus everything on Him. God help us all. +



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