Febrruary 24, 2019

    I try, although I often fail, to follow 3 rules for every homily.  #1 - have a point.  #2 get to it as soon as possible.  #3 then stop talking. 

          Which is good especially today as this weekend we kick off the Catholic Services Appeal for the Diocese.  You all got your magazine this month that talks about it.  There’s a flyer in the bulletin that talks about it, and you will get a letter from me in the mail this week too.  So you should have an ample supply of kindling for the foreseeable future. 

          Every year the Diocese assesses us in this campaign.  This year its just over $40,000 that we will pay to the Diocese.  But honestly, the best part of this situation is that every dime we bring in over that in this campaign stays right here - 100% tax free.  If we bring in a million dollars over that 40,000, it all stays here. 

          It enables us to do our special and necessary projects - our goal this year is to finish fixing our bathroom, and we are really close to doing that, thanks to your generosity in the past and to the men of the parish putting it to good use with their skillful labor. 

          Once we get those things done, my hope in the coming years is to move over here - new paint, new carpet, restoring the sanctuary.  But all of that only can happen through you and your continued generosity. 

          Read the stuff in the bulletin and my letter.  Think about it.  Pray about it - fill out your pledge envelope and bring it back next weekend.   A good prayer to offer in this and all things around here is very simple ‘Lord, what do you want to do through me to accomplish your will in my parish?’ God help us all. +


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