February 10, 2019

One of the first things we learned in Boy Scouts was how to use a canoe.  And part of that was learning what to do if the canoe tipped over.  So we got into the canoes next to the shore and learned how to drain the water from them and get back into them.  But then the instructor made us do something else.  He took us out into the middle of the lake, and told us to do the same thing - capsize the canoe, get the water out of it, and get back into it - but that was a much different scenario - cause we weren’t standing in waste deep water anymore - we had to do it without touching the bottom of the lake.  It’s doable, once you calm down and focus, but it wasn’t easy.

Today Jesus tells us ‘put out into the deep.’  We are so hesitant to do that in the life of faith.  We like to stay close to the shore - saying we believe and trust in Jesus, but since we can still touch the bottom we remain in control, and so saying we believe and trust in Him is rather easy and safe.

But you and I, we weren’t made for easy, we weren’t made for the safe and riskless faith - we were made for holiness - we were made for the deep, where we place all of ourselves into the hands of Jesus, with no safety net - where we can’t touch the bottom and aren’t in control.

What part, what parts of our lives are we still unwilling to trust Jesus in? The Gospel ends by saying - the disciples left everything and followed Him…. What are we unwilling to leave behind, what are we still trying to find salvation in other than Jesus….In that, whatever it is to us, let us hear Jesus say to us today ‘trust me, put out into the deep.’ God help us all. +     



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