Homily July 12, 2015

There is a picture of Pope Benedict on retreat with his brother priests - they're listening to the retreat master preaching on God knows what.  The picture shows the Holy Father checking his watch - and the caption reads, "see, no one likes long sermons"


They say that we have an attention span of less than 5 minutes anymore.  That's kinda sad - not because I want to be up here talking for longer than that - you should know that I don't - but it's sad because there is so much that we all need to hear. 


Jesus sends his Apostles out into the world today - to spread his message - and what is that message? Repentance.  to turn our life around and re center ourself on God, not on our own selfishness and our own disordered affections - of which we have many.    We all need to hear that today.


The line on Saturday afternoon for the box over there has been getting shorter and shorter as of late - not because we get tired of sinning, but because we get tired of asking for forgiveness - and we are far to content to wallow in our sin, and we ignore the death that it brings to our lives -  

                                                                      Come back to Jesus this summer -   

That's not a long message at all - in fact it's very short.  The only thing that remains to be seen, is what we will then do with it.  God help us all +


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