Homily July 5, 2015

Aug 1, 2015

What is going on in our nation anymore.  We live in an odd time - It's a crazy time - lots of crazy thoughts and opinions anymore.  We have lost our minds - and worse, we are losing our humanity and a sense of who God created us to be.  It's easy to get swept up in it all - It's easy to allow ourselves to wrestle with it and even to wonder if maybe we are somehow wrong.  There's no shame in that I suppose.


There's a movie "the invention of lying" its a lovely consideration of what the world would be like if we never lied.  Everyone spoke the truth, blunt and right to the point, and it was accepted and appreciated.  "Honey do I look good in this dress" "no, you look fat" Ok, thanks dear.  Imagine!! (not that you should try that guys)


But we love our lies - as long as they make us feel all warm and fuzzy.   We gain a sense, even though it's false,  that everything is ok - that if we just smooth over the truth, we are saving people from something and it's just better if we don't offend one another. Cause as long as we feel good, nothing else really matters.  And down the spiral to hell we go.    


The prophets of the Old Testament, and even John the Baptist in the New didn't seem to have that problem.  They spoke the Truth of God no matter what - they didn't parse the Truth, they didn't work around it or manipulate it so that no one would be offended.  They proclaimed it, boldly.  And yes, sometimes that is exactly what happened to them. 


          My brothers and sisters, we too are called to speak the Truth in charity - whether it is heeded or resisted. We are called to be prophets in this time and place - to speak God's Truth, which while inconvenient to the world and popular opinion, remains the Truth.  Jesus never ever asked his disciples, 'so, what do you think about this teaching...let's have a vote, and majority wins'  Truth is not a democracy - it comes from God, written in God's laws and in the heart of the human person.  We may not like it, but it doesn't matter - and God doesn't care what we happen to think. 


It is akin to the parent telling their child, don't touch the stove, its hot and you'll get burned - and the child responds, "well I don't think I'll get burned."  It doesn't matter what the child thinks, he's gonna get burned.  Truth is Truth.  And contrary to what many seem to think, Jesus never said that loving one another means doing whatever the hell we want - just ask your spouse, she'll be glad to tell you.  That's not true love - that's not true freedom. 


As a society and as individuals we have developed such a dangerously exulted sense of our own self importance - that we think we know better than God.  But hey, that's the exact same reason Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge in the garden of eden - they made themselves to be God - so we follow in a great line of people who want the same thing.    


What's the point?

When we were Baptized, we were claimed for Jesus Christ - we belong to him.  We were commissioned that day to share in his Prophetic mission - to bring the message of God's Truth to the world.  Don't fall into the lies and garbage so many are throwing at us. 




Don't allow it to persuade you that a convenient and falsely compassionate human lie is more right than the Truth of God.  We are in need some serious reorientation.  And soon.   The story of Sodom and Gomorrah were our readings at Mass this past week - we are not far from that. 


And yes, for this we will be persecuted.  They will take offense at us - just as they did at Jesus.  But he reminds us all, that no matter how we may be crushed for proclaiming the Truth - My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness. 


Speak the Truth in charity.  That needs to be our prayer this day and everyday.  God help us all +


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