January 27, 2019

Feb 11, 2019

1994 was my first trip to Philadelphia. It was for the National Catholic Youth Conference.  And in the midst of that great act of faith, the highlight of the trip was something I got to experience for the very first time - the almighty awesomeness of the Philadelphia Cheesesteak.  My mouth still waters thinking of it - that bread, hot shaved steak smothered in gooey cheese and greasy peppers and onion dripping down my chin.  It was truly something to savor. 

          I wish, desperately, that we could savor God like that cheesesteak.  Lord, your words are spirit and life! Not so much. 

Because we don’t like to listen to His word - even here in Church we tend not to really listen to Jesus speak to us - we bring our own preconceived notions and narrow visions and the Jesus we are comfortable with, and we can easily close ourselves to the rest - to the Jesus that calls us to an uncomfortable and challenging abundance. 

We’re hesitant to let the real Jesus to speak to us.  We’re hesitant to ingest Him and allow Him and His Law to consume us - to savor His commands - to allow His statutes to drip down our chin.



          We are hungry, we are starving, and we are try to fill up our emptiness with anything and everything that will never ever satisfy us.   

Lord, your words, your truth, your commandments, they alone are spirit and life - fill me Jesus, and let me be satisfied with nothing else. Let me savor your Will, Let me surrender my selfishness, and everything in me that is not consumed by You, not obedient to you, not faithful to you, not on fire with love of You.  That’s what we are called to, and nothing less.  God help us all. +    



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