July 14, 2019

So much is complicated in our lives, isn’t it?  Rarely, if ever, is anything simple.

          Except today.  Today is simple.  God proclaims to us today what He wants of us, and it’s very simple.  It’s not high in the sky.  You don’t need a degree in Theology.  It’s not far away.  It’s right here in front of us - proclaimed in His Word, and written in our hearts. 

          To Love God with all our heart, all our being, all our strength, all our mind - and to love our neighbor as ourself.  That’s it. 

          But instead of doing that, we like to be like the scholar in the Gospel, justifying all the reasons why we don’t keep it that simple, why we don’t do those things. And in that we could not be further from the Kingdom.

We complicate the simple, when we justify our sin, when we disobey God, when we fail to treat one another with boundless mercy, as God treats us.

Love God, Love our Neighbor.  With all that we are.  The only way to Salvation is not a mystery, my brothers and sisters.  We have only to carry it out.  The only mystery, is why we don’t do it.  God help us all. +


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