July 21, 2019

There’s been some great stuff on tv with the Apollo 11 anniversary this week - I love watching that stuff, and I marvel reflecting on how complicated and how incredibly insane the entire thing was. And if the right one thing went wrong, well it would have spun completely out of control. 

Kinda like our lives sometimes! So much is complicated for us, especially all the 487 directions we tend to be pulled in at the same time anymore.  Life itself can be all consuming - and we don’t have time to even breath sometimes.  As we feel like we are being consumed by it all. 

Like Martha in the Gospel, we can be good at being worker bees. So much so, that we let it take over our lives - even when it separates us from the things that are most important, the people that are most important, and when it prevents us from savoring the sacred present without unbridled worry and anxiety. 

You and I need to hear the words of Jesus today “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and worried about many things!” Matt, you are anxious and worried about many things! Choose the better part! Choose the better way!

We all have work that needs to be done, but we need to place all of it in its proper perspective, at the feet of Jesus - like Mary did.  If Jesus does not become our center, everything else will spin out of control, as we know it does too often for us. 

Let us seek the better part, let us pray for a better way through the crazy of our lives - they’ll still be hectic, they’ll probly never be simple, but they can be refocused and lifted up by Jesus, if only we would slow down and listen to Him.  God help us all! +


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