June 16, 2019

This Trinity Sunday is all about pondering and considering our relationship with God.  A brief review of the doctrine of Trinitarian Monotheism is a fancy way to remind us that God is all about relationship, in fact God is pure relationship - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

That relationship is one of pure love.  Our love, however, - for God, for one another, tends to be less than pure - and certainly is far from perfect.  But nonetheless, God calls us all into the perfect love that He is - He so wants to possess us, I love that line from our First Reading - the Lord possessed me -  if only we would let Him. 

That’s all God wants - and because of that, God can never stop loving us, no matter what we do, He cannot stop, it’s just who He is - it’s we who stop loving Him, when we stop living in His love as Jesus tells us, by keeping His Commandments.   

This Trinity Sunday is a good time for us to consider the honest truth of our relationship with God - to spend some time reflecting on whether with actually live in His love or not.  And then to get serious in our prayer about letting Him possess us in every possible way.  God help us all. +  



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