June 17, 2018

Our Scriptures this weekend remind us that God can do great and wonderful things with the smallest of things from us.

          In this world we can feel so much pressure and expectation to be the best – the best student, the best worker, the best parent, the smartest person in the room, the most beautiful – the bar of the world is set so impossibly high, that when we fail to meet it’s expectations, we are left to wallow in our failure, our shortcomings, our lowliness.   

          And that’s good, cause that’s right where Jesus wants us – in our smallness, not in our pride – in

          How much in our lives isn’t as it should be? How much in our families, in our work, in our relationships, in our living out of our faith, how much in every aspect of our lives isn’t quite as it should be?     

          The places and ways in which we are small – like the mustard seed Jesus is always talking about.  And it’s in those ways, that Jesus is waiting to water us, to nurture us, to grow us into the men and women he calls us to be. 

So when we get overwhelmed, when it’s all pushing in on us and it just is too much for us to bear – let’s remember the prayer “Jesus, I give this to you.” It’s one we need to say, a lot. 

For it is only in surrendering to Him in our lowliness, in our brokenness, in our imperfections and with all of our rough edges, only in turning that all over to him repeatedly with baby steps, it’s only when we do that that we ever have a chance of letting Him grow us into the men and women of His Kingdom that he calls us to be.

So in all the ways in which we are small and need to grow, all the ways in which we desperately need Jesus to bear new fruit in our lives -  let’s surrender it, all of it, in faith, and actually start to rely more completely on the mercy and providence of God.  God help us all. +    



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