June 23, 2019

Jul 8, 2019

If the Sharon Herald tomorrow morning had a front page story that said ‘Jesus Christ will appear at the borough building Tuesday at 12 Noon’ I think Sharpsville would be filled with people rushing down there to see the Lord.  Maybe even more people than drive by to check out the new dairy queen.

And yet, as this Solemnity of Corpus Christi so desperately tries to remind us, we have the same thing right here day after day, week after week at this very Altar during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - and in this Tabernacle.

What we believe about the Eucharist - what is True with a capital T about the Eucharist - is that it is Jesus Christ.  The same Jesus who was born in the manger - the same Jesus who fed the multitude, who cured the sick - the same Jesus who hung on the cross, who rose from the dead - the God of all creation comes to us right here, just as He promised. 

Not in symbol.  Not in story.  But in fact.  God doesn’t work in our lives with mere thoughts or mental exercises - God works in our lives in Sacraments, in meaty and messy and real ways in the midst of our brokenness.   Jesus Christ comes to us here just as we need Him.  The Bread of Life - in our very hands - the source and summit of everything we believe.  Just as Jesus intended.   

So let’s pay more attention to Him here.  Let’s receive Him worthily and well.  So that He might get us through this life with the taste of Heaven we encounter every time we receive Him.  I know that I need that that more than I need Dairy Queen.  God Help us all + 


  • Lynne BridgesPosted on 7/17/19

    Why is it important to receive the Eucharistic Jesus? What the benefits of Holy Communion? Does the Eucharist help us advance in the "life of grace?" Will it help us make progress in "Christian perfection?" Why is that important? How does it help us now? How should we prepare to receive the Eucharistic Jesus? Because many parishes do not offer the Sacrament of Penance prior to the holy liturgy, Catholics may or may not present themselves worthily for the Holy Eucharist. If they are in a state of venial sin, they can present themselves to receive the sacrament, but what are its effects in the soul? The Eucharist's effects are limited by the state or quality of our souls. It is similar to readying a garden for planting. If we throw down seed without properly preparing the soil, a few plants may take root, but, the effort will not yield a fruitful harvest. Similarly, if we encourage Catholics to make frequent confession--Mother Mary has asked minimally for Catholics to make the confession at least once per month--souls will be better to prepared to receive the Eucharistic Jesus; they will make progress in Christian perfection; they will shorten their stay in Purgatory; they will be more inclined to the life of prayer, including acts of reparation to help in the quest for the salvation of souls. I say these things because while the homily is good, it is just the beginning. I would encourage Father Matthew to build out his homilies to catechize his congregation--as well as to consider adopting more of the traditional Mass rubrics that help promote piety, reverence, and respect for the very Eucharist that he is advocating and that will help foster conversions, including lapsed Catholics, youth, and others. These are my thoughts. Thank you for considering my questions and suggestions.