March 10, 2019

How did Jesus resist temptation?  He chose to be faithful.  Jesus could have given in to Satan, but he chose to live His life for God. 

How about us?  That same Satan comes to us, offers us the same things he offered Jesus, the same things he offered Adam and Eve - to put ourselves before God in that most capitol of all sins, Pride.  And that temptation works so well on us, doesn’t it. 

To think and believe that we know best.  To believe that somehow we are still good people even when we aren’t faithful to God - which then leads us to believe that other things are more important than God, and we can do whatever we want.  And that is such a powerful weapon, that lie from the Prince of lies.   

And so it must be combated with more powerful weapons.  Like Jesus we must arm ourselves with fidelity to God.  We do that by putting God first in our lives, by allowing nothing to be more important - and that means we have to change, to repent - to do things like: 

Get to Mass every weekend, get to daily Mass, get to Confession, get to Stations of the Cross, pray the Rosary everyday, read Scripture everyday we must arm ourselves against all temptation, for if we don’t, we know that we will easily give in to Satan, and that will only lead to an eternity in Hell. 

We always pray that God will not lead us into temptation, but that He will deliver us from evil - we have to let Him and give Him the time and space in our lives to do that, especially in whatever sin constantly and continually tempts us the most.  God help us all. +


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