March 17, 2019

This weekend the world celebrates St. Patrick - well not really, we just use it as an excuse for some drunken debauchery. 

But as we celebrate this Second Sunday of Lent, we can use it as an important lesson for us.  Patrick spent his life bringing Jesus Christ to an Ireland that was deeply rooted in a pagan culture - a culture which itself had no hope, no joy, no true happiness. 

We can easily find ourselves in the same boat - our culture, of course, but also in our own everyday lives - the moments when we too have lost hope, can’t seem to grasp any sense of joy, and happiness, well that one is as far away as the moon on some days. 

Into the midst of that, Patrick brought Jesus Christ - the one and only source of true happiness, true joy, the one and only source of hope.  He wrote that beautiful hymn, the Breastplate of St. Patrick - there’s a copy for you in the back of the Church today if you want it.    

Patrick called the people to embrace the Gospel we hear today - This is my beloved Son, listen to Him.  We are called to do the same - to listen to Jesus, in all the ways we know that we don’t.  Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ in me and all around me - I bind myself to thee today in all things.  That is what we are called to.   

          That is the path of our conversion this Lent and always - to bind ourselves - closely, deeply, intimately, to Jesus Christ - the only way we will ever find the abiding joy we so desperately seek - so beyond having a green beer, may that be what we really celebrate this weekend.  God help us all. +


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