March 3, 2019

As we get ready for Lent this week, in addition to all of the Lenten happenings around here that we all need to be participating in, I’ve been pondering one thing that I believe would bring me, our Parish, all of us closer to Jesus. 

          What would happen to all of us this Lent if instead of the normal banality we say we’re gonna do every year, what if this year we committed ourselves to one thing - to stop lying.

          If you think that’d be easy, that’s lie #1.  We are so good at lying - to others, but most of all to ourselves, and to God.  And the overarching lie that ties it all together - when we say that we are Catholic, but we don’t really believe the faith, we don’t really live the faith.  What if we surrendered that sin to Jesus - and finally started to live in the light of His Truth.

          Take that to prayer these next three days.  And come Wednesday, when the throngs come back to Church as they always do when we give something away for free - when I put those ashes on your forehead, let it be something more than just me rubbing dirt on your face. 

          In that simple moment, let our repentance be real.  Let our desire to turn from our sin and to be faithful to the Gospel be real.  Could we really do it? Could we go 40 days without lying, and actually live in the Truth of God’s Word, the Truth of the Faith, living fully the love we say we have for Jesus.  Let’s pray for the grace to find out.  God help us all.


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