March 31, 2019

This Fourth Sunday of Lent reminds us of a few things - beyond my unhappiness at wearing this pink.  But we wear rose today to remind us that our journey through Lent is over half way done - that we are to rejoice as we ebb ever closer to the Easter mysteries.  

So, how’s Lent going for you? How’s your prayer life?  Have you been to daily Mass, Stations of the Cross, Book club, adult faith formation, Confession, have you been praying the Rosary - have you spent time reading Scripture?

It’s the last one that I want to reflect on today.  Our Gospel today is one that deserves our time.  Whether you’ve done everything or nothing this Lent - spend some time praying through this Gospel this week.  Seriously.  Cause it’s all about us.

We are the wasteful son - the selfish and prideful and wanton son - who walks away from the Father’s love.  But we are also the other son - the self-righteous son, who thinks he stays faithful, who maybe comes to Church every week, who acts like pious-pete, but still misses the point. 

To both of those sons, to each and everyone of us the Father doesn’t just stand waiting, rather he runs to us, with arms outstretched, longing for us to come home, to be reconciled, waiting to rejoice and embrace us, to hold us closer and love us more than we can possible begin to imagine.  If only we would come to our senses and turn back to Him.

That’s Lent - that’s the journey of our spiritual lives - recognizing our foolishness, and turning back to embrace the lavish love of the Father.                             Let’s not waste the time we have left.  God help us all. +



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