May 19, 2019 5th Sunday of Easter

There’s that old kitchy song I think we are all familiar with “they’ll know we are Christians by our love.”  Don’t worry, we will never sing that here. 

But it does raise a good question, would anyone ever know that we are Christian? That we are Catholic? Aside from wearing a crucifix or a patron saint medal - by how we act, even when no one is looking, would anyone know that we are disciples of Jesus Christ?

There’s a quote attributed to Gandhi that said ‘Your Christ I have no problem with, it’s you Christians I can’t stand.’   How true is that, when the students so poorly reflect the master - as you and I tend to do.  

Cause we tend not to love very well.  We like a lot - we like those who like us, those who think like us, those who look like us - we like those who bring us pleasure or some kind of happiness - we even like Jesus when we He’s cute and fuzzy Jesus and He gives us what we want and then goes away - but Jesus didn’t say any of that - cause that’s all easy.

I give you a new commandment, love one another as I have loved you.  ‘I asked Jesus how much He loved me, then he stretched out his arms and died for me.’  Jesus’ love is lavish and limitless, how about ours - not for those we like, but mostly for those we don’t. 

To love lavishly, without exception - as Jesus loves.   That’s how others will know we really follow Jesus.  That’s how we will know. When we empty ourselves, and start to live differently.  God Help us all +


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