May 26, 2019 6th Sunday of Easter

Jun 10, 2019

I don’t think that anyone really likes change.  It’s human nature I guess - and Jesus really knew that as well.

Our Scriptures today spend some time reflecting on that.  Jesus was leaving His Apostles - and I’m sure they were starting to freak out.  But He knew that, just like He knows us - and He told them ‘Do not be troubled or afraid.’ Don’t freak out, I’m not abandoning you, I’ll send you the Holy Spirit to Love you and Lead you through all life throws at you. I will never ever abandon you.

He says the same to us - do not be troubled or afraid!  In all our changes of life, in all our anxiety and uncertainty - He says ‘don’t freak out.’ I am still with you! The Holy Spirit is with you - follow Him, stay faithful, love me totally and keep my commandments even when life is crazy.

That is a huge thing for all of us to remember through all the changes of life we face; cling to Jesus, be faithful to Jesus, trust Him with a capital T and know that He is with us through it all, especially when from time to time it might seem like He’s absent or has abandoned us. 

Change is not a time to freak out, it’s a time to hunker down, to get serious and pray for the Grace to believe Jesus, to be faithful to Him, to trust Him in all things, especially in the unknown. God help us all.  +


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