May Crowning

As we gather together this morning in the wake of Easter Joy, in the beginning of this month of May we turn our gaze to the Blessed Mother. 

One of the things we were reminded of in the women’s book club this year, was that that the Blessedness of Mary comes from one thing - her faith.  Mary believed - as Elizabeth told her ‘Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled.’

Mary believed that God was with her even in the midst of the absurd.  When her life was desolate, as she knelt at the foot of the Cross, as she struggled with the burdens of life - she herself lived out the very words she spoke at the Wedding at Cana - pointing to Jesus she said ‘do whatever he tells you.’  And she did. 

You and I, we desperately need her example of faith, we need the intercession of her Blessedness. Which is why we crown her statue today - not just to ask for her to pray for us in our cacophony of needs, which we certainly do, but also to beg her to help us to be faithful to Jesus as she was - to believe that the promises of the Lord in our lives are true - that God is faithful and will never abandon us - that God is with us always and everywhere, if we are faithful and let Him be.  So, let ask implore her help.  Let us kneel.   


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