October 7, 2018

This month of October is dedicated in a particular way to Our Lady of the Rosary – in fact we would normally be celebrating that Feast day tomorrow/today.  Again and again the saints remind us that short of the Eucharist, the faithful and regular recitation of the Rosary is the most powerful weapon against the devil.  And I think it’s rather obvious that we need all the weapons we can get when it comes to that. 

So much attacks us in this life – so much tries to pull us away from Jesus – and unless we fight against it all, it is way way way too easy to just go with the flow, and allow the life of true devotion and authentic faith to fade away.  And we know that that’s true, so we need to fight it – bigtime.

All the attacks against faithful Marriage, like Jesus talks about in the Gospel today.  All the attacks against the family.  The unrelenting constant barrage against the chastity we are all called to.  The ways of the devil that lead us to give in to the evils of abuse, neglect, pride, apathy, self-righteousness, convincing us that we are not sinners in need of constant repentance, constant renewal in our call to holiness.  The weapons of the devil are so indescribably strong.  But our weapons are stronger.  If we use them.   



How do we fight? We need to pray the Rosary, everyday; we need our Mother’s intercession.  Keep that Rosary in your pocket everyday.  Keep it in your purse, in your car, somewhere close.  Mine is always in my pocket no matter what – so I can reach in my pocket and feel her intercession as often as possible. 

If you can’t pray a whole Rosary all at once, that’s fine – pray a decade at a time when you can.  If you get distracted, it’s ok, come back to it when you can refocus. If you don’t know how to pray it, that’s ok - ask, I’ll give you a great pamphlet – or download and use our Parish App, it’s right there. Teach your kids to pray it – pray it as a family.  And if you already pray it everyday, slow down.  Don’t just yammer through it, pray it – sincerely, consciously, not just as something to be finished, but something to be savored.    

Sr. Lucia from Fatima, who met our Blessed Mother, said that “there is no problem the we cannot solve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary; By it we will sanctify ourselves, we will save ourselves; we will console our Lord and obtain the salvation of many souls.”

There is so much to pray for - So every day, let’s get serious about it, and let’s get to work.  God help us all. +


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