Palm Sunday

The Palms, The Procession, The Passion.  Our Journey to the Cross begins today. 


And before we even hear the Passion this morning, we get that gorgeous second reading which sets up this whole week for us - it sets up our whole lives for us, if we let it. 


Jesus emptied Himself, and was obedient. 

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in all the Glory that ever existed or ever will exist, emptied Himself of it all, and become one of us. To save us from ourselves.   


Of all the lessons this week, it begins with that - emptying ourselves of ourselves.  We have to empty ourselves in order to make room for Jesus in our lives.   


One of the ways we need to do that is by emptying our calendar this week, and putting priority in being here Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night - for the most sacred days of the year.   Nary a thing is more important than that.  Let us humble ourselves, empty ourselves.  And proclaim with our whole lives - that Jesus Christ is Lord. God help us all.  +   


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