September 15, 2019

  Our Mother of Sorrows is one of those titles of Mary I don’t know if you spend much time with.  I know I really don’t, but the truth of the matter is that I should. 

      You and I tend to know all kinds of sorrows in our lives - I’m not talking about the petty or petulant stuff that happens to us almost daily that we just kinda roll with - I mean the real sorrow of our lives.  The deep wounds and the hurtedness we don’t talk that much about.  The soul crushing sadness that most of us tend to carry so very deep within us.  Our true sorrows.  Whatever they may be. 

            Which is why we have the Gospel we do for this memorial today - Jesus entrusting the Church to His Mother.  Because Mary knew deep sorrow very well - all the things she endured with Her Son from the moment of His conception.  There’s a great devotion in the life of the Church to the Seven Sorrows of Mary.  It walks through those experiences of her life.  I put a booklet in the back of the Church with that devotion in it, help yourself to it after Mass.

          It’s also important for us to know that when this very Church was built, Our Lady of Sorrows was chosen to be one of our stained glass windows.  Right here up front, it’s very simple.  But there it is - always with us, every time we set foot in this place.  Mary with us in all of our sorrows. 

          My brothers and sisters we need her to intercede for us - to show us the way through our sorrows, through our Good Friday experiences, whatever they may be for us - we need her to lead us to the joy she encountered in her Risen Son that Easter Morning - we need that, the Church needs that, all of us do, in every possible way.  God help us all. +   


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