September 8, 2019

Every now and then we see the sign out there that says “The most important thing, is to keep the most important thing, the most important thing.” That’s what our Gospel speaks of this weekend.  The importance of hating your family.  No wait, that’s not it. 

Jesus proclaims to us today that He is the most important thing - And that nothing in our lives can ever come before Jesus if we truly want to be His disciple.  Now, what we value in this life can very easily be determined - what do we spend our most precious resource on - our time. 

Does Jesus get our time?  Not 27/43 minutes here once a week - that’s the start, not the end.  Does Jesus come before everything else in our lives?  Do we spend time in prayer with Jesus everyday, with our loved ones, our children?  Do we read His Holy Word, everyday?  Do we engage in the sacramental and devotional life of our Parish? If we don’t then we have our answer, Jesus is not the most important thing for us.    

It’s easy for us to worship everything else - work, football practice, the plethora of obligations we all - and Jesus becomes the last for us, not the first.  But that is not what we are called to, that is not how we will get to Heaven. Everything must be subordinate to Him, everything. 

           Jesus is clear with us, don’t water it down, or try to make it conform to your life as it is - we have to conform ourselves to Him, in all things.  He has to be First.  May He give us the passion and the faith to reorder our lives to Him. To deny ourselves, to take up our cross, and actually follow Him.  God help us all. +


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