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November 25, 2018

Posted by Michelle Fox on 12/03/18

As the Church year draws to a close this week, it’s a good time for all of us to do what we tend to do on December 31st - to take a look back at the year, to think of the good times, the bad times, the things we ... Read More »

November 18, 2018

Posted by Michelle Fox on 11/19/18

This week and next our readings take a bit of a dark turn as we come to the conclusion of the Church year – we spend some time reflecting on the end.  Which is always a fascinating thing for us to consider I suppose.  Every now and then you ... Read More »

November 11, 2018

Posted by Michelle Fox on 11/19/18

’s always nice when the Holy Spirit provides us with exactly what we need to hear at the right moment – and the Gospel today is most certainly spot on, especially when it comes to the subject of Sacrificial Giving.           That poor widow woman in the Gospel reminds ... Read More »

November 4, 2018

Posted by Michelle Fox on 11/06/18

I am always amazed at the stupid things we allow to consume our energy.  Believe me, I’m talking to myself here.  I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but the McRib sandwich is back at McDonalds – the succulent bbq’d piece of porky goodness that it is.  The sad ... Read More »

October 28, 2018

Posted by Michelle Fox on 10/31/18

   One of the worst feelings in the world – and I think there are a lot of things that could fit into that category – but I think that one of the worst is feeling hopeless.  Just being consumed with despair – that there is no way out ... Read More »

October 14, 2018

Posted by Michelle Fox on 10/25/18

What do we allow to possess us? We give so much stuff the power to possess our lives.   One example today - our cell phones. How much do we allow technology and the illusion of social connectivity to consume our lives?  How many times even in Church does the ... Read More »

October 7, 2018

Posted by Michelle Fox on 10/08/18

This month of October is dedicated in a particular way to Our Lady of the Rosary – in fact we would normally be celebrating that Feast day tomorrow/today.  Again and again the saints remind us that short of the Eucharist, the faithful and regular recitation of the Rosary is ... Read More »

October 1, 2018

Posted by Michelle Fox on 10/01/18

I love the line from the First Reading today from Moses – would that all the people of the Lord were prophets! Would that the Lord might bestow His Spirit upon them all! I love that line, because that’s exactly what has already happened to us.  We are blessed ... Read More »

September 23, 2018

Posted by Michelle Fox on 9/24/18

Tomorrow/Today we are blessed to celebrate Catechetical Sunday – where we ask God’s blessing on our catechists, those that impart the faith to the rest of us.  But it is also meant to be a day for all of us to renew ourselves in our need to be catechized. ... Read More »

September 16, 2018

Posted by Michelle Fox on 9/17/18

In the course of our lives I think we all have probably had the experience of thinking that we really know someone, and finding out later on that they weren’t the person we thought they were.  Usually that realization leaves us disgusted or disappointed, angry or just plain sad.  ... Read More »